Curdridge Country Show

Horticultural Show

The Horticultural Show is where the Curdridge Show started 60 years ago and remains a popular attraction for people to take part in and enjoy.  Classes range from showing off your fruit, vegetables and plants, to baking, photography and crafts.  The objective of the Horticultural Show is to provide an opportunity for all in our community to participate in this very special show – and perhaps even win a certificate or cup!

The last Show saw a major change with the Horticultural Show moving from the Marquee to the Main Hall and Billiard Room of the Reading Rooms.  The rooms looked fantastic with all of the entries and it was wonderful to see so many people enjoying the display.

We are delighted that Hambrooks have sponsored the Horticultural Show again this year and the Hambrooks Cup, donated for the Best Exhibit in the Fruit, Veg and Flowers classes is waiting to be displayed in the winners home.  Lew Freeman was the winner in 2015 for the second year running!  Hambrooks will also be  putting on a beautiful display of plants outside of the Reading Rooms for which we are extremely appreciative as it makes the entrance to the buildings more welcoming.

Hambrooks Logo

We are keen to hear from any local businesses who may be interested in sponsoring the Horticultural Show.  Please contact for further information.

The Schedule for this years show can now be downloaded by clicking on the winning poster for the front cover (below):

The front cover for the schedule was drawn by Bella Teague who won the schedule cover design in 2015.

 The previous Show saw some new names winning classes and trophies.  The judges of the classes were impressed with the quality and competition as always was fierce albeit friendly!

Thanks to a number of generous donations, we were able to give the winner of every Junior class an award.  These are the trophy winners from 2015:

Click on the Photo’s to see a selection of entries from previous shows